The notable features of BMW headlights

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Published: 11th August 2010
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Are you finding difficulty in night driving, in identifying and distinguishing the objects in the road?
Are you finding difficulty in driving in cloudy or foggy days? If you are coming across any of the
above said problem then it's time to check, inspect your car headlight or even change it. If it's a
case of replacing the headlight then you are supposed to replace it with high quality headlights.
A broken headlight because of driving isn't illegal in many states. The headlights from BMW are
high quality headlights and have several notable features. These features not only make the
BMW headlights best in terms of performance but also a fashion icon added to your car.

Design features

The BMW are well known for their design features and innovative ideas. These ideas are
especially made for headlights. The headlights from BMW apart from serving their purpose also
allow the user to get the advanced engineering features. These advance features and design
ideas make the BMW headlights a unique piece and also unbeatable products in the market.
The new models of headlights offer lower energy output providing higher energy storage.
Hence the driver can use the headlights during night times and also foggy day times with less
consumption of energy.

The advanced technology from BMW provides anti glare effect for vehicles approaching in the
opposite direction. All types of headlights offer the option of low beam and high beam. With the
help of high beam it is possible to locate object and see at a distance longer the normal view.
The low beam is used for normal view. The bulbs used in the headlights also come in different
colors and BMW headlights add style to the vehicle with their dual filament bulbs.

Lens features

The next notable feature due to the advanced technology and research ideas in the BMW labs
is the lens used in the BMW headlights. The present designs of the BMW headlights have the
new elegant carefully designed lens feature which is highly resistant to heat and shock then the
earlier models. This lens feature in the BMW headlights also has the facility towards providing
a better view in any kind of weather condition. The weather condition may be cloudy or foggy
or even misty the lens feature in the BMW headlights helps to drive through them safely and
carefully. The new BMW headlights have the lenses which are made out of plastic instead
of glass in earlier versions. The special headlights can be ordered with different colors and
various designs in order to produce greater light and also add a fashion statement to your car.

Halogen headlights

The BMW halogen headlights are much popular in the market these days. These are advance
features from the BMW. The halogen BMW headlights provide supreme visibility the older
sealed beam lights. This halogen BMW headlight is the most advanced headlights produced.

They have the high intensity discharge or HID headlights which the best possible innovation
available in the present market of BMW headlights. These HID headlights offer very bright light
and also the best visibility since they use xenon lights.

How to change the headlights

In case you are looking for changing the headlights of your car either to produce a good light
or to add a style statement to your car then you have to know the model number of your
car. With this information we can search online for BMW headlights dealers and select the
suitable headlights which will suit our car. We can also read the user reviews about the cars
headlight provided by the BMW and get an idea before selecting the headlights for our car.

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